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深入淺出 - 破壁養生機 功能一覽



歐洲式設計 - 旋風式破壁養生



- 耐用不銹鋼六刀片,徹底打碎食材

- 一按即製高鈣魚湯,有助骨骼生長

- 內設12菜式,中西合璧,冷熱皆能

- DIY模式,自設時間、溫度、速度,自由自在

- 預設功能控制煮食時間,忙碌中的好幫手

- 2安全裝置,更具自我清潔功能

- 運作寧靜,融入舒適家居




European Style - Cyclone Soup Blender


What makes life beautiful:

-    Durable 6-piece stainless steel blades, thoroughly blend all food

-    Minutes-made calcium-rich fish bisque, aids in bone development

-    12 default menus, blending in Chinese and Western, hot and cold dishes

-    DIY mode, great freedom to set time, temperature, speed on your own

-    Preset function, cook even when you are not at home

-    2 safety precautions, plus a self-cleaning program

-    Silent with less than 80dB, blending into your home sweet home


Note: 3-foot adaptor 



Color: Rose gold

Voltage: 220 - 240V

Power: 3050W (Total)

Measurement: 52 (H) x 20.3 (W) x 20 (L)cm

Jug Capacity: 1.75L

Weight: 5.8 Kg

歐洲式設計 - 旋風式破壁養生機 European Style - Cyclone Soup Blender

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