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邊享受立體聲影像,邊無間斷充電;魚與熊掌,兩者兼得! 這是科技,這是品味和享受。



- 左右雙喇叭設計,締造您的立體聲演奏廳!

- 考究的承托設計,提供最佳觀賞角度,建立您的私人影院!

- 無線10W快充,無拘無束!

- 藍牙連接,一鍵全控制!

- 感應無盲點,一碰即充!

- PVC包裹USB線,堅固耐用


It sounds great!

Enjoy stereo sounds and images without worrying about the battery;

You can have all you wish! This is technology. This is taste and enjoyment.


Why it sounds great?

- Dual-speaker design, creating your stereo concert hall!

- Sophisticated supporting design to provide the best viewing angle, building your private cinema! 

- Wireless 10W fast charge

- Bluetooth connection, one-button & full control!

- Strong sensitivity, one touch and charge

- PVC jacketed USB Cable for increased durability




WireIess Charger + 2-way Stereo Speaker

Model No: JNC-R8 Color: Black / Red

Input: DC 5V/2A, 9V/2A

Voltage: 5W, 7.5W, 10W(Max)

Conversion Rate: 73%

Bluetooth: 4.2 Ver.; 2.0 Dual Channel

Audio power: 10W(2 x 5W speakers)

Size: 101(H) x 88(W) x 96(L)mm

Net weight: 400g

It sounds great! WireIess Charger + 2-way Stereo Speaker