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JNC 3合1 電陶爐組合 2000W

JNC3 in 1 Ceramic Cooker


蒸氣火煱・韓式燒烤  一應俱全

易牙廚具系列 - 妙廚電陶爐
- 無輻射,安全健康
- 燒烤及火鍋功能
- 不挑鍋具,包括陶瓷鍋、玻璃鍋、鐵、鋁、銅鍋
- 無火煮食,節省能源
- 可調温度
- 備有12小時定時,方便烹調
- 智能觸摸感應控制

- 電陶爐主機
- 燒烤板
- 火鍋煲
- 玻璃蓋

產品系列: 妙廚電陶爐
額定電壓: 230V
額定頻率: 50Hz
額定功率: 2000W
尺寸: 直徑26cm

JNC 3合1 電陶爐組合 2000W

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    • Customers please bring along the product to our Service Centre during our operating hours and collect it thereafter. On-site service cannot to be provided by our Company.
    • For the use of warranty services, customers are required to present the valid original purchase receipt, fax or photocopies cannot be accepted. Repairing fee will be charged if customers fail to present the above document.
    • Warranty covers only the hardware of the product’s main body. All other accessories are not covered within the warranty terms, such power cable and external cover (for accessories items, please refer to product manual)
    • All parts replaced within the warranty period are properties of our Company. We reserve the right to handle those parts at our own discretion.
    • Warranty will no longer be valid under the following circumstances, and our Company reserves the right to provide repairing service and/or to demand charges for such services:
    • Products that had been used for industrial or commercial purpose
    • Products that had been modified or repaired by person(s) other than service facility authorized by our Company.
    • Damages caused by mishandling of products, such as applying wrong voltage, manual destructions, or any usages that contradict with the instructions stated in the User Manual
    • Damages caused by sand, liquid, natural disaster or accident.
    • If the model number, item code or rating label attached with the product has been erased or modified.
    • Modifying the terms of this warranty policy without authorization
    • Our Company will not be responsible for any indirect or consequential loss, loss of profits or loss of data.
    • Warranty services is effective only within Hong Kong SAR.
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