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本頁之配件為「JNC 3 合 1 除塵蟎 UV 吸塵機」所專用。



3 合 1 除塵蟎 UV 吸塵機


- UV紫外光殺菌配滾動拍打功能,手提式及直立式吸塵機

- UV紫外光消毒殺滅功能,可殺滅細菌病毒,微生物和塵蟎達99.9%

- UV紫外光燈,配備感應器装置能避免傷害眼睛

- 立體波浪滾動UV吸扒,有助拍打吸除塵蟎

- 適合使用於床墊、梳化、枕頭、窗簾和布偶等 - 可水洗HEPA過濾網




The accessories on this page are for "3-in-1 Dust mite UV vacuum cleaner".


Introduction of Main Product

3-in-1 Dust mite UV vacuum cleaner


- Portable and vertical vacuum cleaner, free conversion.

- UV ultraviolet disinfection to kill bacteria, viruses, microorganisms and dust mites up to 99.9%.

- UV light, equipped with sensor device can avoid eye damage.

- Three-dimensional wave rolling UV suction Pa, help beat dust mites.

- Suitable for bed school, comb, pillow, curtain and puppets.

- Use a washable HEPA filter.

- comes with a variety of vacuum accessories.


Note: BS plug 


Model No: Bluish purple: JHA-UVC-MUV3-BU

Voltage: DC 220-240V

Power: 400W

Measurement: 117 (L) x 250 (W) x 413 (H) mm

Weight: 1.6kg

3 合 1 除塵蟎 UV 吸塵機專用過濾器 - 3-in-1 Dust mite UV vacuum cleaner(Accessory)